Message from Superintendent

It is my pleasure to introduce you to Southern Wake Academy (SWA), home of the mighty Lions. Southern Wake Academy is a sought-after tuition-free, public charter schools for middle and high school grades in Wake County.

SWA is a family-oriented inviting community, and we strive to blend the excitement of learning with achievement in both school life and the community. SWA offers a comprehensive independent school experience with a focus on academic excellence, perseverance, respect, integrity, determination, and empathy as defined in our Mission Statement.

With a strong community focus, SWA recognizes the value of communication and collaboration between families, the school, and the outside community. These are distinctive characteristics of an SWA education, along with student-teacher connections. Our teachers, in addition to maintaining high academic standards, foster a positive learning atmosphere and possess the emotional intelligence to genuinely understand and act in the best interests of each student. We pride ourselves on the individualized education experience.

Academic content, critical thinking, problem-solving, and communication are all integrated into the SWA curriculum, preparing our students to be college or career ready. Our students leave Southern Wake Academy with a feeling of self-assurance, tenacity, and social awareness, as well as with the skills necessary to advance as effective, strong leaders.
Dr. Brittany Ray
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