Exceptional Children

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Welcome!!!  Southern Wake Academy has an excellent reputation for providing a quality education and inclusion for our students with special needs.  Once a student with special needs is enrolled, the EC team reviews all documentation shared by the family and previous schools, to include historical documents and IEP documents.  If needed, an IEP meeting is scheduled to develop an appropriate plan for each child in cooperation with the student’s parent(s) / guardian(s).   

SWA’s Exceptional Children’s program provides services to ensure that all students acquire the cognition, readiness, and character to achieve their learning potential.

Our Program

  • • Provides a safe, stimulating, and nurturing learning environment.

  • • Provides a continuum of services based on individual needs.

  • • Encourages independence and good decision-making.

  • • Supports students in developing a foundation to build future success.

  • • Guides students in developing a sense of social and personal responsibility.

  • • Demonstrates commitment and dedication to ensure access to the academic curriculum within the least restrictive environment for each individual student.

  • • Develops individualized student plans as determined by data collection, along with teacher and parent input.

  • • Applies research-based interventions and teaching methodologies.

  • • Encourages parent participation in the team process of individual program development as well as involvement in school-related activities. 

  • • Provides support to students and families throughout their time at SWA.

  • • Ensures an inclusive, nurturing, and positive environment for all students at SWA – academically, emotionally, and socially.

  • • Celebrates student successes and accomplishments – each and every day. 

Parent Resources

EC Directors

High School 
Tracy Westover, MSed


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