Enrollment Process

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CLICK HERE TO APPLY.  Once you have created your parent account, add your child, then select the lottery for the grade they will enter in the fall of 2023.

Please be aware that there is a new lottery for each school year.  Neither Applications nor the Waitlist roll over from one year to the next. You must re-apply for each school year.


Surname and Siblings

The Surname Function, or Option, is required in North Carolina.  This option allows a parent to group all of the applications for their children under one family representative. For example:  A family has 3 children that they’d like to submit lottery applications for.  They chose child #2 to be the family representative in the lottery.  This means that the applications for child #1 and #3 will be connected to the application for child #2.  Only child #2 will actually be entered into a lottery.  If child #2 is selected in the lottery, child #1 and #3 will get sibling preference, meaning they will move to the top (at that moment) of the waitlist.  If child #2 is not selected in the lottery, they all go to the waitlist.

If the Surname Option is NOT selected, or DECLINED, the applications for child #1, #2, and #3 will all be entered into their respective lotteries individually.

Southern Wake Academy will use the Application Preference Groups described below, which gives preference to siblings. 


Application Preference Groups

  • Enrolled Sibling – Applicant with a sibling who is already enrolled at Southern Wake Academy
  • Staff or Board Member’s Child – Applicant who has a parent that is on Staff or is a Board Member at Southern Wake Academy.
  • Confirmed Sibling – Applicant whose parent has confirmed attendance of a selected sibling.
  • Confirmed Sibling Twin – Applicant with twin or multiple birth siblings whose parents have confirmed attendance of the applicant or a selected twin/multiple sibling.
  • Lottery Running Selected Sibling – Applicant that is selected or has a sibling that is selected while the lottery is running. This preference group only exists while the lottery is running.
  • Lottery Running Selected Sibling Twin – Applicant with twin or multiple birth siblings who is selected or has a twin sibling that is selected while the lottery is running. This preference group only exists while the lottery is running.
  • Applicant Sibling – Applicant who has a sibling that is also applying to a pending or active lottery at Southern Wake Academy.
  • Single Applicant – Applicant who does not have a sibling applicant.



The Southern Wake Academy 2023-2024 Lottery will be run on February 23, 2023.  Lotterease randomizes all applicants prior to running the lottery.


After the Lottery

Lottery results for each applicant will be sent to email used in their Lotterease parent registration.  You will receive either (1) an email announcing that your child has been selected, with a time frame and instructions for confirming, or (2) an email indicating that your child was not selected, with their numerical position on the waitlist provided.

After you Confirm Attendance, you will receive an email with instructions for an Enrollment Packet, and the time frame in which to complete and submit the packet.


To hold your child’s seat, you must complete and submit the Enrollment Packet within the given time frame.  Failure to submit the Enrollment Packet by the deadline will result in that seat being offered to the next student on the waitlist. 

Please be advised that the following documents will be required along with the submission of the Enrollment Packet:

  • Certified Birth Certificate
  • Immunization Records
  • Proof of Residence
  • Most Recent Report Card/Progress Report
  • Attendance Record 
  • Special Programs: IEP, AIG, 504, or LEP Records/Documents
The Southern Wake Academy 2023-2024 Lottery
will be held on Thursday, February 23, 2023.
~ Our online application will be available HERE beginning December 1, 2022 ~

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