Below are directions for Morning and Afternoon Carpool.  

Morning Carpool

Please follow these directions as it will ease the carpool process for everyone:

  1. 1. Carpool will begin at 7:15am.
    2. Please wait until 7:15am to enter campus to begin dropping off students.
    3. All vehicles will start in front of building 4 (High School) using the outer loop (lane closet to the buildings/sidewalk).
    4. Students can unload starting at building 1 (Sixth Grade Building). Please do not drop off students prior to building 1. Please do not use Kelly Creek Dr. to drop off students.
  2. 5. Students that exit their vehicles prior to 7:30am, need to report to the following areas
       Gym                               Multi-Purpose Room
    Grades 6-10                           Grades 11-12
    6. At 7:30am, students will be allowed to go to their first period class. Any student dropped off after 7:30am will report to their first period class.
    7. Right turn only when exiting the school during carpool.

Afternoon Dismissal

1. Carpool will begin at 2:30pm.
2. Please enter campus and stay in the outer lane (lane closet to the buildings/sidewalk) and follow the loop to the side of building 4. When you reach the side of building 4, continue in your lane into the large loop.
3. Please stop when you make it to the white stop bar that is painted on the asphalt. Please form 2 lines when stopped (there are two lanes).
4. Please have your Southern Wake Academy carpool number displayed so that it is visible from the front windshield of your vehicle.
5. A staff member will enter the carpool number into Driveline and direct you to pull forward. When students see their number, they will walk to the front of building 4 and stage until a staff member gives them further instructions.
6. Please pull forward and stop at the flagpole of building 4. A staff member will direct you to pull forward and form 2 lines in the parking lot by the visitors’ area. Please wait until a staff member directs you to move and follow their instructions.
7. Students will then be allowed to enter the parking lot and get into their vehicles.
8. Do not begin to drive away once the student reaches your vehicle. Please wait for the direction of a staff member before driving away to exit the parking lot.
9. If your student has not been picked up, please proceed to the overflow parking area which will be indicated by a staff member. Once in overflow, please give the name of your student to a staff member and we will make an announcement for the student to come to carpool and direct the student to your vehicle.
10. This process will be repeated until all students have been picked up.
11. Right turn only when exiting the school during carpool.
12. Please do not use Kelly Creek Dr to pick students up.

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