2021 Summer Camp Descriptions

Southern Wake Academy

Summer Camps 2021

SWA is excited to offer the following summer camp opportunities!  

Summer camps will run from 11:30am to 2:30pm Monday through Friday.  

Each session is 3 weeks long:

Session 1: June 14th-July 2nd

Session 2: July 12th-30th

Art Camp

Session 1 Only

Limited to 15 students

Ms. Ellis


The Southern Wake Academy summer art camp is designed to introduce students to different art forms. Students will learn to use various mediums for example, paint, clay and paper mache. The students will complete different lessons throughout the three-week session. The camp is not only fun, it will also be very educational. The students will learn about different artists and art techniques. Students will leave with a sense of achievement and strong foundation in art.

Basketball Camp

Session 1 & 2

Coach Cross

Students will practice 1-2 skill sets each week.  We will focus on shooting, dribbling, movement with & without the ball, and game play action.  Drills and competition games will be incorporated along with appropriate physical training.  


Session 1 & 2

Mr. Cameron

Limited to 20 students

Chess. The original war game! Sign up for our summer Chess Camp and learn the game. Open to all levels from beginner to accomplished. Starting with game rules and some basic strategies, students will quickly move to challenging " end game " , " opening books " , and techniques such as " rolling a king ". Participants will be able to learn " algebraic notion " and fundamentals of time, exchange, and 3 fold repetition. We hope to see you in chess camp!

Introduction to Gods & Goddesses

Session 1 Only

Mr. Campbell

Limited to 20 students


Watch out for Zeus's lightning bolt and beware the stare of Medusa! Join me this summer for an introduction to Greek and Roman mythology! 

Let’s Get Crafty!

Session 1 & 2

Ms. Hogge

Limited to 20 students

Get ready for ALL of the classic (and some new!) summer camp crafts! We will be tie-dyeing all kinds of things, making friendship bracelets, creating dreamcatchers, attempting origami, exploring the pond for craft supplies, making our own paper, and producing works of art with Perler beads! Bring an open mind, creative heart, a change of clothes, and join us for the fun! All materials will be provided except for the items to be tie-dyed!

Music Camp

Session 2 Only

Ms. Horrell

Limited to 20 students

Have you ever tried to "Beat Shazam"?  Love to sing in the shower?  Constantly tapping that foot while listening to your playlist? This camp is PERFECT for you!  Together we will play around with our voices, a few instruments, explore alternative ways to make music and have a ton of fun.  This is a no experience necessary, hands on musical extravaganza!

Science Camp

Session 1 & 2

Mr. Dayton

Limited to 20 students

Summer is arriving and kids want to stretch and think they want to leave school behind.  In reality, they want to leave quizzes and tests behind.  They still want to create, build, and discover.  The science program here at swake will be geared towards just that.  Some STEAM mixed with just the right amount of fun.  Kids will continue to learn and parents will know their kid will be in a safe nurturing and yet challenging program.  The teacher, Mr Dayton, has taught for 11 years at both the high school and middle school levels.  

Come be a part of a fantastic summer!!!

Martial Arts: Dragon Camp 

Session 2 Only

Yong-In Martial Arts Studio

**Pricing for this camp was determined by Yong-In**

Our Dragon Camp is designed to enhance participants' positive development in a fun and motivating way.  We educate and train our students in striving and how to reach

their highest individual goals of mental and physical excellence. Our program will target the following areas:  Basic Self Defense, Leadership Skills, Bully Control, Better Grades 

and Physical Fitness. Our Dragon Camp will also help and encourage students with better focus and discipline.