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Parent Volunteer Opportunities

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*This is a private group and not run by SWA but by the parents of the school students.

Volunteer Opportunities


Testing Lab

Grant Committee

We are looking for some parents that would like to do volunteer work from home. We are in need of parents to help with ‘grant writing’. You don’t need to have any previous experience.

Most of the grants are just filling in school information and a brief paragraph or so of what the grant would be used for. We have a binder full of possible grants for the school!!

Please contact Mrs. Neumann if you are interested at:

Welcome Committee

This committee was put in place to help our NEW SWA students and families transition into our school.  We have both parent and student ambassadors that are responsible for giving tours, answering questions and helping students feel welcome and part of the SWA family.

If you are interested in helping with this program please contact Mrs. Neumann at

Career Day Committee

Career Day is one of SWA’s biggest events.  The event date is 4/24/18 and runs all day.

If you are interested in helping with the event please contact Mrs. Neumann at

GROW Committee

We are in need of a Landscaping Committee to help with the lawn and grounds maintenance at SWA.  This would entail mowing the property, trimming bushes and trees as needed, cleaning up the leaves in the fall and any other yard maintenance projects that the school may need.

We would like this committee to have both student / parent involvement and have enough members where responsibilities can be alternated amongst the committee members.  These hours would count towards your volunteer time.

If you are interested please contact