New AFTERNOON Carpool Procedures

Beginning Monday, March 9, 2020

Please Note: The purpose of the new carpool loop is to get as many cars off Old Powell Road before the carpool starts.
In the past, we have discouraged parents from coming on campus before carpool starts, now that we have plenty of room to stack cars on our campus, it would behoove you to come before we dismiss in order to get in line. 
Directions in entering campus before dismissal:

  • Cars will enter along the modular buildings using the outer loop
  • Pull all the way through in the outer loop, enter the new loop, stay in the same lane, until you get to the solid white line stop. Once the outer lane is full in the new loop, cars will begin to fill in the inner lane.
  • Student numbers will be taken while sitting in the new carpool loop.
  • Please stay in the same lane as you go around the loop because that is the order the students will be dismissed in. If you switch lanes, it will delay you further.
  • Once the loop is full, cars will be directed back across the bridge, single file, into the loading area.  Cars will be stacked in two lanes in the loading area.
  • This will be repeated until the loop is empty and then repeated as needed.
  • Right turn only on exit as usual.
  • We will evaluate how this plan goes and adjust as needed.
  • If you enter campus after carpool begins to flow, please watch for directions from staff members. You will also need to follow the new carpool loop.

Thank you for your patience and cooperation! 

Morning Carpool- Please note the following CHANGES in our morning process.  

Please follow these directions as it will ease the carpool process for everyone.

  1. Cars ARE NOT PERMITTED on campus until 7:25 am.  We need to keep the parking lot open to allow staff members to access their parking spots and get to work on time!
  2. Only enter the parking lot using a right turn.  Left turns into the parking lot are PROHIBITED.
  3. Cars will stack in two lanes in front of the modular buildings and pull up to the front stop line between building 4 and modular building 3.
  4. Please choose the SHORTEST lane as you enter the parking lot.  It DOES NOT matter if your student is in MS or HS we do not have designated lanes for MS or HS.
  5. CHANGE- At 7:30 PRIOR to letting your child out of your car, the OUTER LOOP (the one close to the buildings) will pull around in front of building four and stop at the orange traffic cone keeping one (1) single lane.  Once you have pulled around your child may exit your car. Please DO NOT unload students anything prior to building 3.  Students may exit from the beginning of building 3 forward.  The plan is to have as many cars exiting and moving at one time. 
  6. The INNER LOOP will pull around the middle lane to exit their students to the loading zone lane to be crossed by a staff member.
  7. Students ARE NOT PERMITTED to exit their cars until 7:30 am.  Please WAIT for a staff member to release students from their cars.
  8. Once students exit their cars they are to report to the following areas:

  Grades 6 -10 - Gym in building 4                                          Grade 11- 12- Multi-purpose room - building 4

  1. Please PAY CLOSE ATTENTION to the direction of the staff members on duty in the parking lot.
  2. Please DO NOT WAIT until the last minute to get your children to school.  First-period class BEGINS PROMPTLY at 8:00 a.m.  If your students arrive on campus at 8:01 am they are considered TARDY.  At 8:01 parents are REQUIRED to park their cars and walk their students into the building and SIGN THEM IN as present.