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Southern Wake Academy P.A.C.E Program

The Southern Wake Academy P.A.C.E program is designed for eligible rising 6th graders, who exhibit high academic achievement, to participate in a 2-year middle school accelerated curriculum. The P.A.C.E program will focus on Problem based learning, Acceleration, Critical thinking, and Educational leadership. Sixth grade students who are initially enrolled in the P.A.C.E program will be placed in Math 6/7 Plus Compacted,  English Language Arts 7 Honors, Social Studies Honors, and Science Honors. SWA offers this non-traditional setting in order to provide a more challenging and rigorous curriculum to meet our student’s academic needs. Students enrolled in the P.A.C.E program will continue to accelerate through Middle School in order to pursue advanced courses in the High School Honors Academy/Early College Program. Once in High School, P.A.C.E students can take 7 or more Advanced Placement classes. P.A.C.E students can also participate in our College Dual Enrollment Program beginning their Junior year. 



6th Grade

7th Grade

8th Grade


Math 6/7  Plus Compacted

Math 1(HS Credit)

Math II  (HS Credit)


Science 7 Honors

Science 8 Honors

Earth Science Honors (HS Credit)


Language Arts 7 Honors

  Language Arts 8 Honors

English 1 Honors (HS Credit)


Social Studies 7 Honors

  Social Studies 8 Honors

World History Honors (HS Credit)

Southern Wake Academy P..A.C.E students will have the opportunity to work in a cohort with the SWA core academic teachers. Students may still pursue elective choices and extracurricular activities offered at SWA. The smaller learning community will challenge students to pursue excellence in academic course work and leadership skills. Students will be introduced to problem-solving, critical thinking, and inquiry based learning. 


All of the following criteria are used to determine eligibility.  Specific questions can be directed toward our SWA Middle School Counselor, the AIG Coordinator, or Administration. 

  1. Student’s previously identified as Academically Gifted in Reading &/or Math
  2. Student’s with a minimum grade of 95 in their previous 5th Grade Math and ELA classes AND 
  3. Scores of Level 4 or 5 on 5th grade Math and Reading EOGs


  1. Maintain an average greater than 85 in all honors courses      AND
  2. Scores of Level  4 or 5 on their current EOGs in Math and Reading