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Mrs. Walker

About Me
I am a happily married mom of an adorable 6 year old named Emily. You will probably hear a lot more about her. I am originally from Maine (so yes I root for the Patriots) and have been down here about 7 years. This is my 12th year teaching! I have a bachelors in chemistry and a masters in physics ed. I am the science dept chair here at SWAKE and this will be my 3rd year as part of the family. I love to knit, read mysteries, make cards, and find fun new sets of nail polish. 
Teaching Philosophy
I believe that all children can learn and reach their full potential. As such, I have high expectations, but know my students can reach them. I teach to give kids hope for a better future tomorrow. I know that we all have bad days from time to time, but everyday is a new day to do good in the world.