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SWA PTO Spirit Wear


 Spirit Wear Order Form


Please complete this form to purchase SWA PTO Spirit Wear. All Spirit Wear sold by the SWA PTO is eligible to be worn on Spirit Wear days. If you have any questions, please contact Tiffani Davis at ptopresident@swake.org. Thank you for your support!

Short Sleeve Blue SWA Lions T-Shirt
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Price: $15.00
SWA PTO grey short sleeve.jpg
Price: $10.00
SWA PTO grey hoodie.png
Price: $22.00
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Price: $12.00
SWA PTO sling bag.jpg
Price: $12.00
SWA PTO socks.png
Price: $12.00
SWA PTO head band.png
Price: $12.00
SWA PTO phone loop wrist.jpg
Price: $4.00
SWA PTO spirit wear wrap phone loop.jpg
Price: $4.00
SWA PTO window cling.png
Price: $4.00
SWA PTO spirit wear magnet.jpg
Price: $5.00
SWA PTO cups.jpg
Price: $3.00
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