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Parent /Guardian Camp Responsibilities and Expectations

To account for your child's safety, the most important responsibility for a Parent/Guardian is to inform Camp Pride Staff when their child will not be attending program on a scheduled day.  Please contact Mrs. Jennifer Neumann, Camp Director if your child will be absent due to illness or other circumstances.  
Drop Off & Pick Up Policies
In order to ensure every child's safety the following policies MUST be adhered to:
  • Parents/guardians MUST check-in with a camp staff member to drop off or pick up a camper.
  • Parents/guardians picking up a camper MUST have their names on the Authorized Pick-up list.
  • Parent/guardians MUST provide photo identification to a camp staff member in order to pick up a camper
Please allow extra time each Monday during drop off as Staff MUST confirm the following:
  • Verification of authorized pick-up list
  • Collect any medication forms
  • Confirmation that all registration paperwork and payments have been completed.
Drop Off Procedures
Please use the main entrance located in the upper parking lot of our campus when dropping off.   We will have a table set up outside of our main building (brick) entrance with staff members.
Upon drop off each morning, expect the following procedure:
  • Check your camper in with a staff member at the sign-in table.  We will ask for your signature to confirm drop off.
  • Notify staff of any expected changes to afternoon pick-up time.  
  • Please let staff know of any special news or considerations that will help your camper be successful. 
Pick Up Procedures
Upon Pick Up each afternoon, expect the following procedure:
  • Camp staff will check I.D. of all unknown adults that come to pick up campers and confirm adult is listed on the authorized pick-up list.
  • Notify staff of any expected changes to following day drop-off time
  • Parents/Guardians will sign the sign-out sheet.
We also ask that Parent/Guardians:
  • Sign the camp attendance sheet when signing in or signing out your child at camp.
  • Notify our Camp Director with any changes to your account, child records, including email, authorized people, allergies, etc.
  • Read all materials sent via email from Camp Pride to ensure you are up to date on everything.
  • Please share any questions, concerns or suggestions with Camp Pride staff.
Authorized Child Release
Children will only be released to parent/guardians or those authorized by the parent/guardian in advance and in writing.    If the Camp Pride staff member does not recognize the Parent/Guardian, they may ask to see their photo ID.   This is for the protection and safety of your child.  
Absence Policy
If your child will not be attending program on a scheduled day due to illness or other circumstances, please contact the Camp Director at jennifer.neumann@swake.org.  
Personal Belongings
Children may participate in active outdoor play and should dress accordingly.  All items (clothing, lunch bags, etc) should be marked with the child's first and last name.  Camp Pride is not responsible for lost or damaged personal items.  If you child has misplaced something, please reach out to the Camp Director immediately.  
Cell Phone Policy
We do allow our campers to bring their cell phones with them, but we ask that they be checked in before each class starts and put in our phone wall organizer.  Your child will be given a number and they will use this numbered slot in each of their classes to store their phone.  When we break for lunch they will have access to their devices.  Some classes may ask them to use their phone as part of the class, such as photography.   In case of an emergency, they may use their phone or the school phone.  
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