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8th Grade Field Trip 2nd Payment

8th Grade Field Trip to Washington, DC

Hello parents!

We are so excited that your 8th grade student will be going to our nation's capital!

To help you plan for this trip we have spread out the cost over the next few months.  The total cost is $280 minus the $50 deposit. Therefore the next two payments are simply the remaining balance of $230. To help out we have split that remaining balance into two separate payments.   

  • First payment of $50 by November 10th 
  • Second payment of $115 by January 5th
  • Third and final payment of $115 by March 27th

Please note, that refunds can only be issued by the company for documented illness. Additionally, any student suspended during the school year will not be allowed to go on the trip and any payments will not be refunded. 

For record keeping/accounting purposes, please fill out this form a second time if you are also making a payment as a chaperone.  

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Please pay $120 by January 5th

Please note, we must include a 5% processing fee

2nd Payment
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